When you lean into knowing your design, it feels like home.

Your body, your mind, your connection to spirit, your purpose, your feelings will feel so “you”.

The energy of your design will resonate with you deeply and…

You. Will. Feel. Seen.


All of your power, your strengths (even your shadows) will be revealed so you can focus on amping up who you BE.

The most remarkable thing is, we’re all the same underneath.

⚡️Human Design is the language of archetypes⚡️

Archetypes that everyone has inside them.

The Martyr, the leader, the mystic…

All in there as part of our uniqueness and unlimited potential.

When we get to know ourselves through our design, we get to know our gifts, strengths and uniqueness that attracts everything we want.

I can’t wait for you to discover your design — https://bit.ly/SWHDDiscover



Carolynne Alexander

Carolynne Alexander

Founder - The School of Sovereignty 〰️ Guiding you through the Self-Mastery, Soul Work (+ Messiness) of BE-ing Sovereign. 〰️