After a week of no WiFi, she arrived.

How I reconnected to my authenticity when I disconnected from the BS.

Once you get out of the city and over the mountains of Malaga, you’re met with miles and miles of flat land and acres of olive trees.

Our home for the next few days was a pair of modest cabins, cooking outside, a pool (yey!) and no WiFi.

The point was to disconnect from the world and reconnect with ourselves.

Sure, we had adventures planned to strip us of our BS and head trash, but the day I did nothing, sat alone, with no distractions, was the ultimate tear down of who I BE.

I journaled, I meditated, I swam, I lounged.

I’d done nothing.

Or had I?

The crew arrived back from their adventure, we had dinner, and there was an impromptu game of frisbee.

I wasn’t in the same headspace as everyone else, so I sat this one out.

⚡️Then something magical happened⚡️

I walked across the grass to a lounger on the other side of the lawn.

Right through the middle of the game of frisbee.

⚡️She had arrived…⚡️

I’d been called names for being “posh” when I was a kid.

I had Kraft Cheese slices in my lunchbox at school; I didn’t have a pair of branded trainers until I was 17, and my parents worked multiple jobs.

I was far from posh on the outside.

But on the inside, I was a Queen.

And I’d hidden that part of myself for decades.

Kids can be cruel. Humans want to pull you down to their level; it’s natural.

So I shrunk to fit in as every kid does.

“Look at her, in her kimono, like a Queen…”

At that moment, Queen P, aka Queenie, has born.

No shame, no guilt, no hiding, no BS. Full authentic expression of who I BE.

“Y’damn right”, I replied.

I wasn’t being posh, snobby, or any other name I’d been called when I was a kid; I was being who I BE.

⚡️After day of quiet reconnection with my authenticity, I finally owned my uniqueness⚡️

When you remove distractions and sit with yourself, you naturally step into who you are.

THAT is when magic happens.

The parts that you hide are what make you unique.

Your full authentic expression is a once in a lifetime magical occurrence.

Who you BE is what attracts everything into your life.

I canNOT stress this enough.

We need humans standing in their power and individuality.

If you’re not allowing yourself to be genuinely seen, how will you live a life of richness, abundance, and prosperity?

Right now, I’m on a mission to speak to as many entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders to coax out of them who they truly BE.

I’m on a quest for truth, integrity and authenticity because the world needs that magic that you have inside of you.

⚡️And I’ve found out how to do this⚡️

It’s not difficult to find, but it may be challenging to embrace.

Especially if you’ve been shamed, bullied or simply forgot who you are.

But I promise you this, when you decide to step into your full power and authenticity, your world will CHANGE and FAST!

So here’s to who you’re BEcoming.

With Power & Grace,

Carolynne aka Queenie


P.S. And no, you don’t have to wear a kimono (unless you want to).




Founder - The School of Sovereignty 〰️ Guiding you through the Self-Mastery, Soul Work (+ Messiness) of BE-ing Sovereign. 〰️

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Carolynne Alexander

Carolynne Alexander

Founder - The School of Sovereignty 〰️ Guiding you through the Self-Mastery, Soul Work (+ Messiness) of BE-ing Sovereign. 〰️

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